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My Favourite Ted Talks

Updated: Feb 17, 2018

How incredible would it be to have a Tedx event in Fernie? Imagine showcasing the amazing ideas, athletes, entrepreneurs, business owners, dreamers, and creatives from within this valley in an outdoor venue. Island Lake perhaps? Until we can make this a reality (and I am working on it) I have compiled a list of Ted Talks that people find helpful or that motivated them towards change or acceptance of themselves.

It has been argued that Ted Talks are oversimplistic and don't actually help make a difference in people's lives. Maybe. Sure, they are not the cure all for all life's problems and I doubt many people's lives are instantly better from one 12-18 minute video. However, the most profound change comes in small steps. If all you do today is watch one inspirational video when yesterday depression defeated any hopeful thought you had, then you are taking a step in the right direction. We learn and grow through the stories we hear and share. When we relate to these stories we are more likely to incorporate those ideas into our own lives.

In addition to offering us this amazing jacket, Caroline McHugh's talk "The art of being yourself" reminds us how important it is to explore who we are as humans and embrace what makes us different from everyone else.

I greatly admire Brene Brown and she will likely grace this blog on several occasions because well, she is amazing! This Ted Talk "The power of vulnerability" helped launch her public speaking career and is so full of important ideas including embracing vulnerability and finding a way to say "I am enough."

Many of us have difficulties expressing our emotions. Some of us have been called "too sensitive"in our lives. Elena Herdieckerhoff provides new insight on emotions in her talk "The gentle power of highly sensitive people."

This one is a game changer! Kelly McGonigal introduces the idea that if we change our perspective on stress we can actually prolong our lives in her talk "How to make stress your friend."

Robert Waldinger is a researcher involved in a study exploring adult development. This study has followed the same individuals for the last 75 years to explore what makes for a fulfilling life. Watch his Ted Talk "What makes a good life? Lessons from the longest study on happiness." Spoiler alert.... connection to others holds more power than money.

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