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COVID-19 Safety Plan and Policies

As of June 01, 2020 Alpine Pathways Psychological Services will offer in person psychology sessions when appropriate and in accordance with WorkSafe BC regulations and safety planning. Telehealth options including phone and video sessions will continue to be available. 

As of July 1st, 2021 we have been moving towards BC's Restart plan. Workplaces that are open to the public must align with the Provincial Health Officer (PHO)'s current rules and guidelines. As such the following is a guide for the transition from Step 3- Step 4 and a Communicable Disease Prevention Plan

Communicable Disease Prevention Plan for

Alpine Pathways Psychological Services (APPS)


APPS Step 3 Transition Template 


Section A:

Workplace Location Address: 5275 Cokato Road Fernie, BC

Date Posted at the workplace: 2021-07-20

Workplace Transition Date start: 2021-07-01

Workplace fully implemented Step 3 Target Date: 2021-08-13


During Step 3 of BC’s Restart Plan our Workplace Has the Following Communicable Disease Prevention Procedures in Place 


Workforce Health 

  • Psychologist and clients who are feeling unwell must not attend the office

  • If the psychologist begins to feel unwell at work, she will cancel all client for the remainder of the day and until recovered


Personal Hygiene and Workplace Cleaning 

Psychologist must wash or sanitize her hands upon entry to the workplace and throughout the day, especially before and after eating or drinking. Clients will continued to be asked to wash and/or sanitize hands upon entry to the office.

  • The indoor and outdoor offices will continue to provide hand sanitizer stations

  • Psychologist and clients must cough or sneeze into their sleeve or cover their mouth/nose with tissues.


Normal contact cleaning will continue in both the indoor and outdoor offices. Extra high-touchpoint cleaning throughout the day or cleaning client areas midday are no longer required, and workplaces can return to pre-COVID-19 cleaning. 



Public Health recommends full vaccination for Canadians as a key strategy to prevent further infections in our communities from the coronavirus and its recent, more virulent variants. Being fully vaccinated with approved vaccines offers an additional level of personal protection from COVID-19 related illness when in the workplace or during personal activities. 


Dr. Tyla Charbonneau, the only psychologist employed by APPS is fully vaccinated.




Workplace Ventilation 

Until further notice the outdoor office is in use at APPS. On days where the inside office is to be used all three large windows will be open.

Section B:

Additional Communicable Disease Prevention Measures

Describe any other communicable disease prevention measures that are being implemented for the transition to Step 3.  Include the dates for when the measures are expected to be removed.  Leave blank if not applicable.

  1. Poster asking clients to use wand sanitizer will remain visible in the office  2021-09-07

  2. Worksafe BC Covid-19 do not enter if you have symptoms sign will remain  2021-09-07

  3. Masks are available for clients and psychologist – 2021-09-07

  4. Hand sanitizer will still be available for clients and psychologist – 2021-09-07

  5. Physical distancing will be respected– 2021-09-07

  6. Psychologist will cancel all appointments if ill – 2021-09-07


APPS Step 3 Restart Guidelines

The following table provides guidance on the common COVID-19 safety protocols while transitioning from Step 2 to Step 3. This means removing many of your COVID-19 safety protocols. Workplaces should adopt Step 3 by August 13th. Workplaces that are open to the public or clients must align with the Public Health Officer’s directions on masking for public spaces to avoid conflict or confusion around mask use.


BC Restart Phase 

Transition phase from Step 2 to Step 3 


Between July 1 – August 13, 2021

Plan Required 

  • Communicable Disease Prevention Procedures replaces Workplace COVID-19 Safety Plan.  


Daily Health Check - Psychologist will do daily throughout entire transition

Hand Sanitizer- Maintain hand sanitizer for staff and client areas. 

Cleaning- Normal Contract Cleaning. 

Barriers- NA

Lobbies- NA

Client/Public Mask Wearing in the Workplace- Recommended for indoor public spaces (not mandatory). Continue to offer masks to visibly unwell clients and clients who request a mask. Mask signage changes from “Masks are Mandatory” to “Masks are Recommended”.


Psychologist Mask Wearing 

  • Mask signage changes from “Masks are Mandatory” to “Masks are a Personal Choice.” 

  • For more info. see PHO Mask Guidance:  Masks are recommended in indoor public settings for all people 12 and older who are not yet fully vaccinated. 


Physical Distancing Between Clients & Psychologist- Maintain physical distancing between clients and psychologist.

Physical Distancing Between Staff Members - NA

Occupancy Limits- NA as only one client is present in office at a time.


What if there are increases in COVID-19 Transmission or if there is a COVID-19 Outbreak in our local area or community? 

Workplaces may be required to quickly reinstate COVID-19 protocols including masking, distancing, capacity limits, etc. in localized areas based on orders or guidance from a local Medical Health Officer.

This office will increase protections for staff based on guidance or orders from the respective Health Authority’s local Medical Health Officer (MHO) for our community. Our office will also follow any province-wide orders or guidance from the Provincial Health Officer (PHO).

For information on PHO Orders or specific Health Authority orders and guidance, please see the PHO Orders website where local Medical Health Officer (MHO) orders will also be posted. These local MHO postings will have the delegated authority of the PHO.

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